Pennsylvania Shotokan Karate Club

Testing Schedule

General Testing Information

Testing Requirements:
Rank Skill Cards must be completed

Rank/Belt Testing Months:
February - April - June - August - October - December

Minimum Age Requirements:
Adult Black Belt - 16 years of age
Junior Black Belt - 12 years of age

Kata Exceptions:
Advanced katas may be required for major Competitions.

Upcoming Test & Promotion Schedule

Exact Times:
Check bulletin board for exact testing times.

For testings, there will be no observers allowed. For promotions, all are welcomed!

P.S.K.C. North
White - Brown Thursday - February 23rd 5 pm - 8 pm
Promotion Night Monday - February 27th 6:30 pm
P.S.K.C. East
White - Brown Friday - February 24th 5 pm - 8 pm
Promotion Night Tuesday - February 28th 6:30 pm

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